Nail Dodger Price: $0.99

7 01 2010

Nail Dodger is a simple app where you are a balloon and your goal is to stay alive as long as you can. This app was made by AppStoreMod also a iPhone app reviewer. As a balloon you want to dodge nails coming down in any random place. You can chose from 3 balloon colors. Red, blue or green or listen to music when you are playing the game. The game is easy to learn and good to play.  There are 1 UPs, and 2X. Now everyone knows what 1 ups are. But the 2x are interesting.  Say your time is 100 secs and you get a 2x it goes to 200 secs. But at the end it will say you stayed alive for 200 secs. But you did not, you just got a 2x so that is a glitch in the game. Other then that there is not much in the game. So if you are looking for a game you will play for awhile trying to beat the high scores or a time killer pick up this game today!





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