Tap Tap Revenge 2 Price: $0.99

4 01 2010

Tap Tap Revenge 2  has many new things added to it.  The first one is a Kids mode. This is a mode where if you miss a note your multiplier will not go down.  Also the multiplier was  raised to X8. To get to X8 you have to get a 50 note streak and shake your phone. Also, with more popular songs they added custom themes. They also improved on the track list by A LOT! They now have 200+ free tracks with a new one by a hit band every Thursday. They also have well know bands now such as Coldplay or The Jackson 5. But the same problem with the last one, if you don’t have wifi it comes with about 4 songs.  So if you don’t have wifi you wont be able to download all the FREE tracks. yes, that’s right for $0.99 you are getting 200+ free tracks, plus a new one every Thursday. If you have wifi/3g/edge. You should get this if you already have not. It is one of the best games, and has the best song section. Even better then Tap Tap revenge 3.  BUY IT NOW!





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